Rent your Vespa at holiday farm ‘Predikherenhof’

Rent a Vespa and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the ‘Westhoek’; The beautiful ‘Heuvelland’, a trip to the sea through rural, idyllic villages, the front region with its traces of the Great War … and so many more that stimulate your senses.

The Vespa’s can be rented half a day or a full day and can also be booked as an overnight stay at ‘Predikherenhof’.

With its 125cc, the Vespa is ideal to defend the West Flemish hills (even with 2 people) or to snore a day to the sea.
In short, discover the ‘Westhoek’ in Italian style with a legendary Vespa.

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Vespa arrangement

  • 2 nights with breakfast buffet for 2 persons.
  • 1 day touring with  1 Vespa for 2 persons.
  • ‘westhoek’ profit-pass
  • bad wheather-warranty
  • tourist roadmap

€ 290,00 per room